Improved service in Møre

Being the only ro-ro operator in this area, we are doubling our frequency with a twice weekly sailing between the Møre region and Rotterdam/Immingham. This is a significant improvement in the overall capacity to/from the north-west coast of Norway, introducing more flexibility and a frequence that reflects customer needs.

Focus area
Doubling our frequency to/from Møre is a consequence of our new service in Sunndalsøra starting up 1st of April.

Møre has already been a focus area for Sea-Cargo, and with the new system in place, we will continue to develop our services with the additional transport opportunities. The system will represent a modern logistics solution for the Møre region.

Customer needs
We are currently mapping the customers needs in this area in terms of transporting various cargo. Calling Kristiansund, Molde and/or Ålesund on a fixed basis twice a week will be evaluated during the next few months. As of 1st of April the 2nd call to these ports will be subject to sufficient cargo volume. However, Sea-Cargo are working on the basis that at least one of the ports will be fixed in the near future.

SC Connector, SC Ahtela and Trans Carrier will be operating this route. In addition Sea-Cargo Express will still be following its existing route.

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