We are moving to Rotterdam!

As from 3rd of April all our liner service will be moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. The new HUB will be set up as a fully integrated Sea-Cargo terminal – serving customers with any logistics service required.

Port of Rotterdam
Rotterdam is one of the main ports of Europe. The port is the gateway to the European market of more than 350 millions consumers, and one of the most important junctions of cargo flow of the world. The annual throughput is about 450 million tons. The port covers 105 square kilometres and stretches over a distance of 40 km.

Excellent oversea-connections
Being one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam offers a full range of transshipment possibilities to the word wide markets. Sea-Cargo has established relationships with several deep-sea shipping operators in order to give our customers the best possible connection to their markets.

Railway network
Our new terminal is directly connected to the European railway network. As the railway tracks are going straight onto the actual quay, we are proud to offer full intermodal transport solutions for our customers to all destinations in mainland Europe.

Contact info/delivery address
Sea-Cargo Rotterdam BV
Broekman Distriport BV
Theemsweg 35
Portnumber 5205                                             Tel: +31 10 49 49 541
3197 KM Rotterdam                                         rotterdam@sea-cargo.nl