New solutions 2017

Sea-Cargo is proud to present New Solutions 2017 – a major upgrade of the existing system!

  • New tonnage
  • New routes
  • Increased capacity
  • Increased frequency
  • Increased focus on containers (short sea and feeder)
New tonnage

Sea-Cargo has purchased MV TransFighter to complement the fleet as of January 2017. The vessel is more than twice the size of the present largest vessel in the Sea-Cargo liner system, and the largest vessel in a liner/container trade on the Norwegian coast. TransFighter represents real economy of scale; with fantastic structural opportunities for our customers.

Click here for complete spec on TransFighter

New routes, capacity and frequency

Sea-Cargo´s main industrial clients have all taken part in this system revision and the New Solutions 2017 – and Sea-Cargo is very proud to once again set new standards for the infrastructure between WC of Norway, UK and the Continent.

The new system includes new routes, increased capacity and frequency, therein;

  • New direct route between Trøndelag/Møre/WC Norway to/from London and Rotterdam
  • New direct weekly service from Immingham to Rotterdam
  • Considerable increase in capacity for RORO and Liner cargo between
    WC Norway/UK and Continent
  • Dramatic increase in the container capacity between Trøndelag/Møre/
    WC Norway to/from Rotterdam

The last point “increase in the container capacity between Trøndelag/Møre/WC Norway to/from Rotterdam” has been particularly important – adding a growing product group to complete our portfolio. Sea-Cargo is with this able to provide the market with an all in transport solution for all/any cargo – including;

  • RORO of any type and kind
  • Containers of any type and kind; including temperature controlled plugins
  • Industrial cargoes/commodities

and has through long term commitments with the industry established a viable solution that will widen the “bridge” between WC of Norway, UK and the Continent; presenting a critical and important infrastructure for the Norwegian business structure.

Sea-Cargo has its own and dedicated agent, terminal and cargo handling structure in all bridge points, including Trondheim, Kristiansund, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger, Aberdeen, Immingham, Rotterdam and Esbjerg – and is as such able to provide clients and commodities with through transport arrangements – even delivering door/door where required.